Thoughts on Daylight Savings

The arrival of the first dark night
after the first short day
always brings a punchline.

What time is it?

Did we lose an hour?
(If so, where did it go?)
Did I lose sleep?
Yes, that's right...
Fall back.

But I had so much work to do...

Is it later than I think
or is it earlier?

I scheduled a household painting job today.
I didn't know that it would take two coats and 
three times as long as I'd expected.
Though, I could have counted on that
and that I'd have preferred a different color

and that I'd paint other bits and pieces
around the house that were nagging me. 
After all, the paint brush and friends
were out and up for exercise.

Maybe it's paint fumes
or the aggravation of yesterday's super full moon
but what's next on the agenda is vague.

I need brain washing.
I must go down for a good night's sleep
whatever time it is
and hope for clarity in the morning. 

Will it be light in the morning
or dark?

I'll just have to close my eyes
and wait to see.

©2017 Suzanne McDermott (All Rights Reserved)

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