What creating a course looks like

Not much! At least the researching and writing part of creating a course is primarily a keep your butt in the chair kind of activity. Speaking of which, I must grab a bottle of Lemon essential oil to help myself focus for this evening's work.

Late last night, I completed all the notes and presentation document for Lesson One of my landscape painting history practicum. That's a mouthful. Must come up with a more succinct, sexier description. And I will, but not today.

I've moved into a play by day, work by night schedule. Not that I'm playing exactly but rather doing housework, chores, gardening, swimming or working out at the gym, reading... that sort of thing. In part, I like to spend my days enjoying the daylight, not staring at a computer screen. So I tend to settle down to "work"in the late afternoon or early evening and force myself to stop by midnight.

Yesterday, I really did spend all morning, afternoon, and evening at the computer screen so I snapped myself staring at the screen and again, in the throes of research.

Writing this blog post today is honoring my commitment to renewing my blogging practice. I have a feeling it's going to mostly be slice of life stuff. It's also yet another way to procrastinating getting back to work. I don't know why. I love the work. I think it's mostly a writer's issue.

Anyway, that's it for today. Except to say... 

Howdy, Joshemari! I always love hearing from you, appreciate your friendship and, as I become more active here again, will come visit more often. I can't stand Facebook and agree with you that here, on Blogger, is where I've forged my best internet friendships. You've inspired me to schedule in daily drawing and watercolor again very soon. I remember your hospital sketches. Love to you.

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