Getting Started

What do you do when you over-schedule yourself? Do you over-schedule yourself? I do. And I'd like to knock it off or at least find a better approach to work.

I wish that I could say that I just came off a couple of jam-packed weeks but I still have a few intensive days to go. I love my work. It's just that my primitive brain reaction to too much on my plate is to find any way at all to go unconscious.

The problem with going unconscious, at least for me, is that I need recovery time from unconsciousness more than I need recovery time from too many responsibilities on my schedule.

Above pictured is my morning chair where I sit with coffee, my Lamy pen and notebook and have a meeting with myself about the day. This morning, I missed my meeting. Not a good sign.

For me, going unconscious is a failure. Yes, I am hard on myself but the thing about failing and getting started again is that it builds resilience.

So, because I have another block of writing to do before teaching a new class tonight, I'm going to jump off and do that. The topic is related both in theme and activity. You may read that tomorrow.

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