About my Dad

Edwin J. McDermott, Esq.

Recently, I have been missing my Dad. A lot. I think of him now, especially while I am swimming laps, remembering the simple, loose, lined '60's swim trunks he wore in olive green or khaki.

Approaching Father's Day, rather than compose some sentimental essay, I am making a list of random facts about him, as they come to mind. The massively interesting, good stuff I remember. Okay, here goes.
  • was once arrested on Atlantic City beach for bathing without a top on.
  • had just come back from horseback riding on Atlantic City beach when he heard the news that Pearl Harbor had been bombed.
  • taught Naval officers accounting at Penn during WWII.
  • was one of the youngest lawyers to go before the Supreme Court of the United States in 1932 at the age of 24. 
  • graduated third in his class, Order of the Coif, at University of Pennsylvania Law School in 1930.
  • entered St. Joseph's College in 1927, at the age of 15.
  • rowed single scull on the Schulykill River.
  • regularly bought records from Sam Goody at his first record shop on 9th Avenue in NYC, relying on Sam for au courant recommendations.
  • said, "Here. I understand that you should listen to this." while handing me a copy of Meet the Beatles.
  • taught me how to work an amplifier and tone arm...read more


joshemari said...

Suzanne, te felicito por ese gran padre que con tanto amor describes.
En España hay un dicho que dice: "de tal palo, tal astilla", que quiere decir, que de un gran padre vendrá una gran hija.
Me siento orgulloso de verte tan feliz recordando su vida y sus éxitos.
Un beso, buena amiga!

Suzanne McDermott said...

I treasure you, Josehmari! You are a good man and I appreciate your talent, loving heart and generosity. BIG hug and kiss right back at'cha. XO