The Creative Heart

Watercolor and ink from a journal page

Tears come from the heart and not from the brain.

—Leonardo da Vinci


The Creative Heart

Just back from laps at the pool. Stroke and flow. Inhale, exhale. Contract, relax. Ah... I feel expanded and open. It's good for my heart. And what's good for the heart is good for creativity.
Creativity requires open heartedness. It's not really a thinking game. Problem solving is always a component, and practice is de rigeur for keeping your muscles sharp, but being relaxed and open is essential for the creative process. That's why people hit on some of their best ideas while in the shower.
You cannot create while contracted. In fact, a contracted state often results in destructive acts. Imagine how your heart feels when you are angry. Now imagine how it feels when you're in the flow of some activity, unaware of time passing. Your heart is open.
The heart is the seat of our emotions. It's also our secondary brain (although I think we could come up with a better phrase!). The electrical activity in our brain that fires off thoughts and memories, neurological impulses, etcetera, is complemented by the powerful electromagnetic energy in our heart which also has its own little nervous system and also holds memories.
Your heart will clue you into energetic signals that your logical mind may not only miss but, if noticed, dismiss. You know in your heart if some situation feels wrong, or if a person is not being honest. Or if you're not truly in alignment with what you're saying or doing.
Not only that, the heart resides in the fourth chakra center, spinning and radiating with green energetic light (if healthy and unblocked), linking the lower and the upper chakras.
It's the center of our system. By paying attention to, and honoring, your heart and all it's magnificent functions, you'll enhance your creativity and your love for living.

"New Moons are new beginnings. Now is the time for action…You are a powerful creator. What do you want to create? No matter the question, love is the answer. Love you. Love life. Love one another. Love."

—Kelly Rosano


Last night we marked the new moon in Libra

the astrological sign of harmony and balance.

Now is a perfect time to set your intentions for anything that may help you become more aligned with your most authentic self. If you're ever unclear about what and who is in alignment with your true self, bring attention to your heart. How does it feel in your heart?
As you set your intentions for the coming month (or longer), write them down. Notice how you feel about them and what your mind tells you. Can you strike an honest balance?
If you're undecided, I'd say err on the side of caution. Go with your heart.

Good for your heart

Gernaium lg
Geranium is the oil of love and trust. I massage a drop at my heart center every morning.
Geranium is sometimes called "The poor man's rose." Maybe, but to me, rose and geranium are entirely different experiences and geranium—the plant and scent—is one of my life-long, true loves.
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