Don't cry because it's over

After Matisse, Vue de Collioure et la mer, 1911

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

~ Dr. Seuss

Just a quick wave...

...goodbye to the heart of the summer on a warm, muggy evening.
I hope that you've enjoyed the season and that you've found joy in the sun and the heat.
Except for my far flung private coaching clients and students, I have so been enjoying my time offline this year. I’ve been writing letters and cards by hand (receiving the same in response), and working with small sets of students in person. Still, I miss issuing regular(what I hope were) inspirational missives... sharing my drawings, watercolors, photos, and amusing finds on a weekly basis.
Working with small sets of students in person forces me to create quick demonstrations at a moment’s notice and tout de suite. Above is a watercolor pencil copy I made on Tuesday of a Matisse oil, Vue de Collioure et la mer, made in 1911.

How to

I had great fun making the above copy on the fly, and absolutely love helping people learn make watercolor copies of oils.
I thought I would offer my online basic drawing and watercolor course again sometime in 2016, but the next year is shaping up rather differently than I'd imagined. So... for those of you who've been waiting to work (and play) through my online course in basic drawing and watercolornow is your opportunity.
You can learn to do this on your own with my handy-dandy DIY course download Enter Here to Draw and Watercolor through which you’ll learn to do exactly that through clear instructional text and 5 fabulous videos with voice over instruction. Loads of photos and art history links, too. The easily downloadable course starts with thorough instruction on basic drawing and use of watercolor pencils. Click here for complete description and knock yourself out at your very own pace. It’s a great value at only $47!
Or... you can receive that course as a bonus if you sign up for my 8-week course in Basic Drawing and Watercolor.
This fall, I’m running the course for an 8 (rather than the usual 12 or 24-) week run and include for you a bonus lesson designed specifically for the holiday season as well as the complete Enter Here to Draw and Watercolor course.
This course runs from 10/1 - 11/19 and we meet by phone on Thursday evenings at 8 PM ET. (All calls are recorded, all student work is constructively reviewed—whether or not you can attend the weekly call live), and the dates are: 10/1, 8, 15, 22, 29, + 11/5/ 12/ 19.
Then comes Thanksgiving and you’re off on your own through the holiday season (with that additional bonus holiday lesson if you have the time to play).

Think about it...

...over the holiday weekend. I'll come back at'cha next week with a reminder to see if you'd like to enroll.
However, space is limited so if you know you want to, enroll now to secure your place!
As always, let me know if you have any questions.