"Attention," the mynah bird began to call again from the other side of the house.
Will shook his head. "Attention to what?"
"To this."
—Aldous Huxley, from Island

I teach drawing and watercolor to help people pay attention.

Once you learn to put aside the ego trip of "I'm not (or it's not) good enough", etcetera, etcetera, drawing is one of the simplest and most efficient ways to raise your level of consciousness, to enter the present moment and stay there. At least for a while. Guidance, accountability, and practice is the thing that makes the experience stick.
Drawing is a way of seeing. Draw something you look at every day and you will see it, as if for the first time.
Join me for my online course in drawing and watercolor and learn the fundamental elements of drawing and watercolor with encouraging support and a method to help you develop good habits of practice. The course is a tried and proven, step-by-step method. It benefits you on many levels. Read more here.
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"I am a great advocate of drawing, not in order to become an illustrator, but because I believe drawing changes the brain... Drawing also makes you attentive. It makes you pay attention to what you are looking at which is not easy."

― Milton Glaser


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