Sumer is Icumen In

The first full day of summer is a good time to revive this blog which, after a long hiatus, I am now, officially, transforming. 

I have a separate daily practice blog for my drawing and watercolor practice. It's my sandbox and I'm allowing myself to play with whatever arises each day. However, since I retired my weekly Stroke and Flow missives, I've been missing my writing practice. So here we are. 

Transformation, ascension, evolution, devolution, baby steps into the Age of Aquarius, whatever you choose to call this time of flux is worth making note of and writing about. So, more or less, how we can keep ourselves healthy and whole (sane) as we move through these uncertain times is what I'll focus on. With a heavy emphasis on creativity (of course). 

My practice of drawing and watercolor is my daily meditation, my way of keeping myself present, and managing all that arises within through the creative process, the failures and successes.

I've turned from the intuitive watercolor landscapes (that taught me so much about watercolor), to our fellow animals and plants. Now I'm working on portraits of animals by commission and, for the most part, am through with live exhibits (except for private affairs). (And, sure, you can always browse through my online galleries.)

The new animal and occasional plant work presents challenges but that's where my passion lies.
My passion is also for helping fellow humans heal through creative coaching servicesessential oils and other modalities. 

I've been (ecstatically) studying essential oils and aromatherapy for the past year and a half and was recently trained in Bach Flower Remedies. All of the coaching and healing modalities I use with students and clients, I first experience for myself, or have been experiencing through a lifetime of creative work. 

So this revived, transformed blog focuses mainly on creative healing and my love of the earth and all the gifts she's provided us.

Although I'm looking forward to a rare concert this week (as in, I don't go to many anymore and the performer rarely performs in the states), I'd rather listen to bird song, the wind through the trees, waves crashing on the beach, the music of nature. That sort of thing.

Click here to listen to a male Bachman's Sparrow song.