Rosemary for Remembrance

"There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance; pray, love, remember;"
—Wm. Shakespeare, Ophelia in Hamlet, Act IV, Scene V
Today is the 102nd anniversary of my mother, Rosemary Fogarty McDermott's birthday.

I spent much of the day making this watercolor of a rosemary plant. In the middle ages, brides would wear rosemary in their hair and grooms, a sprig of the plant. Coincidentally, I found my mother's wedding ring while looking for a pair of earrings today and slipped it on.

In folk traditions, rosemary was said to be good for the memory.

Ah, but rosemary is good for so many more reasons. Indigenous to the Mediterranean, the original latin word, rosmarinus means dew of the sea.The scent is invigorating and a strong pleasure.

I recently bought a new bottle of doTERRA essential oil of Rosemary and have been using it every day. I've used rosemary oil on my scalp and hair for years. It's stimulating for the scalp and helps make hair lustrous.

Rosemary is an absolute must have on hand in my medicine cabinet. It's fabulous to add to hot steamy water. Throw a towel over your head and inhale to help with sinusitis, hoarse voice, and flu symptoms. Rub a few drops on your temples and inhale for headaches (mix with Peppermint oil for astounding results.) For that matter, the same combo will help bring you around if you're feeling faint.

If you're not feeling faint but just confused, drop some rosemary essential oil in your palms, rub them together, inhale and then massage with your fingers around your hairline and forehead and into your scalp. This will help clear your mind.

Going through a transition in life? Rosemary will help you adjust. The essence of this woody evergreen gives you confidence and trust in the unfolding of changing circumstances—an understanding that there is more at work in events and circumstances than meets the eye.

Can't figure out a problem? Rosemary helps with learning, too.

And then, there are potatoes! And Focaccia. Rosemary as food in the kitchen. Mmmm....

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