Why Bother?

Winds of Change, Watercolor, 8 x 8 inches
"It isn't the things that happen to us in our lives that cause us to suffer, it's how we relate to the things that happen to us that causes us to suffer."
—Pema Chodron
Why Bother?

It's too difficult, destabilizing, traumatic.

Stay right where you are. Don't change a thing.

Life without change is impossible. Even when we think we're stable, we're aging, passing through time on a revolving planet, orbiting a sun, careening through the galaxy.

Nothing is fixed.

Thrown into high relief by unforeseen events or circumstances, a phase of change can easily introduce a crisis. When faced with a crisis, it's helpful to remember the two characters that make up the Chinese word for crisis: Danger and Opportunity.

How we choose to navigate crises describes our attitude, determines the quality of our experience and, often, the outcome.

It's not up to you whether or not you'll have an opportunity to change. It is, however, your prerogative to respond to change in a way that results in improvement or deterioration.

Understanding the difference between response and reaction is key to dealing with change. Then it's largely a matter of practice.

You practice making space for yourself so that when crises arise, you are able to find that space, take a second, and respond to change consciously rather than unconsciously react.

How do you make space for yourself? Use any form of engagement that allows you to consciously work with the behavior of your wild mind. You could draw, meditate, play golf, or any number of other things. The point is to get to know yourself, become intimately aware of your behavior, accept that behavior, and then set an intention to bring about the change you desire in that behavior.

That's the kind of change you want. That's the change you want to bother about.
"Now is the only time. How we relate to it creates the future. In other words, if we're going to be more cheerful in the future, it's because of our aspiration and exertion to be cheerful in the present. What we do accumulates; the future is the result of what we do right now."
—Pema Chodron
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Pam Johnson Brickell said...

Bravo! Your first class is filled :)
Beautiful....Winds of Change

Suzanne McDermott said...

Thanks, Pam! Always great to hear from you.