Why I Love Peppermint

Suzanne McDermott, watercolor, 5 x 7 inches

Growing up, we had two universal panaceas:

My father's white cotton handkerchief and the roll of Pep•O•Mint Lifesavers in my mother's purse or pocket.

Ever since, clean, white cotton and peppermint my go-to solutions when comfort and soothing are in order.

If you've studied watercolor with me, you'll know that I keep a stack of well-worn, white Irish linen damask napkins on hand at all times. I readily admit they are as much for working as they are for comfort, like Linus' blanket.

If you've ever visited my gardens, you'll remember that the pot of peppermint was probably the first stop. Whenever I have to restart a garden, a good peppermint is usually the first thing I pick up. I have a pot of chocolate mint outside my door and pinch a leaf for my coffee every morning. Yum.

Peppermint oil is easy to find in European pharmacies. In the years I toured solo through Europe, I always kept a bottle in my shoulder bag, wrapped in a white cotton handkerchief. Two very good things to keep on hand, I'll tell you.

Congestion, stale breath, fatigue, the blues, nausea and headaches. Right off the top of my head, those are just a few conditions peppermint will cure. Yes, cure.

Finally, I ran out of the 2 bottles of China Olie I bought in Holland way back when. It's great to have found a better, much higher quality replacement with doTERRA's Peppermint essential oil.


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