What Smells So Good?

Suzanne McDermott, Two Oranges, Watercolor 5.75 x 7.75, 2014

My maternal grandmother wore Guerlain's perfume, L'Heure Bleue. So did my mother and her sister, Nancy. The bottle and the box that held it were exquisite and the scent was among the early 20th century perfume classics.

"'L'Heure Bleue' An innovative classic floral-oriental perfume by Guerlain dating from 1912 which was created by Jacques Guerlain. The effect is sweet and spicy. Bergamot, with hints of lemon, neroli, tarragon, coriander and sage, sets a fresh top note, giving way to a heart of carnation supported by jasmine, rose, orris, ylang-ylang and other fragrances on a base note principally comprising sandalwood and musk, but supported by, amongst others, St. John's wort. It is sold in a flacon by Baccarat. Its users are said to include the Queen Mother and Sophia Loren." —New Perfume Handbook, edited by N. Groom

Doesn't that description make you want to inhale while rolling around in clean, white cotton sheets by a wide open window?

Me? I'm more of a 19th century aficionado. I've used Florida Water (an American citrus based version of Eau de Cologne appearing in 1856) for decades as daily deodorant and, after a friend passed off a bottle that her husband never used, loved wearing 4711 (made in Cologne by the Mulhen's Family perfumery shop in 1796.)

As a teenager, when I read that Brigit Bardot wore Jicky exclusively, I walked right up to Bonwit Teller and bought a bottle of Jicky eau de cologne. The cologne version may be a thing of the past but it was my most favorite, ever. I miss it.

When Guerlain introduced Jicky in 1889, it marked an entirely new development in perfumery as a highly concentrated blend with citrus top notes, floral and woody middle notes and base notes led by vanilla with balsamic undertones. A little went a long way and large quantities of scent were no longer needed.

In 1920, Chanel No. 5 changed everything. Until that date, all scents were created with natural substances. No. 5 was made of synthetic materials. I have a bottle in the closet that I found at a ridiculously low price but I can barely stand to wear it (although once in a while, I try in vain.)

In fact, I can barely stand to stray near any perfume counters. The last time I had to walk through a perfume department, I nearly exploded with a full-blown allergy attack, sneezing, eyes running. It's a pity that what was once a private hobby and great pleasure is no longer viable.

Except that... I've found my way back in through an incredible brand of truly exceptional essential oils— dōTERRA!

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