Real Magic

This is not a loblolly pine cone. 

I'm giving an interactive lecture at a local venue on Saturday called "Real Magic." It's (mostly) about drawing because drawing is always about making something appear out of thin air. As if that weren't transformational enough, the whole point of my teaching about drawing, is to help you transform your consciousness.

For this post, I'll let writer and magician, Alan Moore have the floor because he says what I think so succinctly here:
"Magic, in its earliest form, is often referred to as "The Art." I believe that this is completely literal. I believe that magic is art and art, whether that be writing, music, sculpture, or any other form, is literally magic.

"Art is, like magic, the science of manipulating symbols, words, or images to achieve changes in consciousness. The very language of magic seems to be talking as much about writing or art as it is about supernatural events. A Grymoire for example, a book of spells, is just a fancy way of saying grammar. Indeed, to cast a spell is simply to spell, to manipulate words, to change peoples consciousness, and I believe this is why an artist or writer is the closest thing in the contemporary world that you are likely to see to a shaman.

"I believe that all culture must have arisen from cults. Originally, all the facets of our culture, whether they be in the arts or sciences were the province of the shaman. The fact that, in present times, this magical power has degenerated to the level of cheap entertainment and manipulation is, I think, a tragedy.

"At the moment, the people who are using shamanism and magic to shape our culture are advertisers. Rather than trying to wake people up, their shamanism is used as an opiate to tranquilize people, to make people more manipulable. Through their magic box of television, and by their magic words, their jingles can cause everybody in the country to be thinking the same words and have the same banal thoughts, all at exactly the same moment."  ― Alan Moore
Let's make magic together.

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Kendall Kessler said...

Nice drawing! Hope your lecture goes is an interactive blast!

Suzanne McDermott said...

Thanks, Kendall!

Double "D" said...

Great drawing of the unknown pine cone. Nice and loose but non the less accurate. I really like your picture … Alright now class, if I may have your attention please, just kidding. You're beautiful as ever.

Suzanne McDermott said...

Thanks, Doug! Actually, the pine cone is known (that's a poem.) I'm just alluding to Magritte's The Treachery of Images aka Ceci nest pas one pipe. (It's a painting of a pipe.)
Back to work, now.