All You Need

Suzanne McDermott

Love, love, love
"Where there is love there is life."
— Mahatma Gandhi
Sublimate, sublimate...

That was my mother's mantra for a while. At least in response to yours truly. At least during my teenage years.

Basically, her advice, upon listening to my insistence or resistance, was to transform whatever I was wanting, whining about or otherwise going through, into some higher experience or form.

I was remembering her words today just as I wanted to crawl into bed for a long winter's nap rather than compose this thing.

My mother (who bristled at being called "She" and once exclaimed "If I hear the word "Mom" one more time, I'm going to pop!"), always directed me to the dictionary when I didn't understand the meaning a word she used. So...

verb ˈsəbləˌmāt/ (esp. in psychoanalytic theory) divert or modify (an instinctual impulse) into a culturally higher or socially more acceptable activity.
synonyms: channel, control, divert, transfer, redirect, convert

Sublimation is a transformative act and, as such, must ultimately be an act of love. It just so happens to be Valentine's Day week, So, I make this a little Valentine to you all.

(Plus, the Valentine watercolor above has inaugurated my brand new drafting table and forced me to assemble my Aalto stool. Yay!)
"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage."
—Lao Tzu

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