Life is the First Art

"Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties."
—Helen Keller
I wish you good cheer

I love New Year's Day!

All of the holiday hubbub is behind us and there is something fresh, swept clean about the day.

Over the holidays, I was telling a friend about how excited I am about my new online coaching program and, when she heard that I was going to start the program on the 30th of January, she said, "Aren't those things supposed to start on the first of the year?"

I asked her to think about the gym at the beginning of January. The machines are crowded, the gym memberships spike astronomically, and it seems that everyone is going to lose weight, quit smoking, stop drinking, start that novel or submit that manuscript to the publisher.

Soon enough, the gym empties out, the cheesecake lands on your plate, you'll have just one cigarette or one glass of wine, the first few pages of that imagined novel lie buried in some file on your desktop, and, well, check with any editor or publisher about the sky-high piles of manuscripts that are dumped into their mailroom.

Aside from all that, making a New Year's Resolution is like jumping off a moving train. So much motion leading up to and over the holidays! Give it a rest for a minute! Why be a lemming? Why not take time for a nap, for dreaming, for recovery?

Changing your life takes time, even if you're changing one piece of the puzzle.

Making change takes planning and strategy, guidance and support. That's why I'm starting my new online coaching program at the end of the month. I'm giving those who are coming on board a chance for reflection, some advance considerations, some time.

There's another good reason I'm starting at the end of the month. Today marks the first of two New Moons this month. (An auspicious beginning for 2014!) January 30th marks the second New Moon. It's a perfect moment to start transformation.
"Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year."
—Ralph Waldo Emerson

Change is one thing. You can change a tire, change your mind, change course in mid-stream...

Transformation is something else entirely. Transformation is radical. A dramatic change in form or appearance that comes from within, from the root. Transformation takes time. Transformation needs space. Time and space require some clearing.

The same friend who asked me why I am starting my new coaching program at the end of January had another question for me. "What about your drawing and watercolor courses? What's the... relationship?"

I told her that, while I love guiding students through the basics of drawing and watercolor and making sure that they have a solid foundation from which to grow and practice, and I love watching their development over the course of our time together, what really thrills me is their transformation within.

I can't tell you how happy it makes me to hear them tell me how they notice that they are actually observing their world with more clarity and understanding. It's so rewarding to watch their fears subside and confidence build, and the way that they learn to manage the failures and disappointments, then get right back to work. I like to see how they relax into the process and allow themselves to transform.

I talk to people a lot about drawing and watercolor. Here's what I know.

Most people are not going to pick up a pencil or paint brush. Why? They're afraid they're not good enough, afraid of what other people will think, afraid of failure, too hard on themselves, too busy, not interested in "art" (but secretly want to express themselves creatively), had a bad experience in their youth or adult life and have shut themselves down. The list goes on...

Just because people don't want to pick up a pencil or paint brush should not keep them from an experience with creative transformation. Even students who have been through my drawing and watercolor course may want to expand their horizons and explore further transformation.

That's why I've created this online coaching course and that's the relationship.

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"If you asked me for my New Year Resolution, it would be to find out who I am."
—Cyril Cusack


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