Get Out!


Go outside and take a walk!
"If you are seeking creative ideas, go out walking. Angels whisper to a man when he goes for a walk."
—Raymond Inmon
Walk outside. It's easy, free and one of the best things you can do for yourself.

If you're able, get off the beaten track. Leave your cell phone, and camera behind. Look up. Look out. Listen to the birds. Notice where the sun is positioned in the sky.

See how long it takes you to get past your thoughts, out of your own head. How long does it take to really become present in your surroundings?

Let your busy mind fall in synch with ambulating. Notice how good it feels for your lungs to start pumping with your legs and for the oxygen to course through your system.

Doesn't if feel great to look at the real world in all its depth and beauty and not at a backlit computer screen?
"A vigorous five-mile walk will do more good for an unhappy but otherwise healthy adult than all the medicine and psychology in the world."
-Paul Dudley White
How close are you to a path through nature? Is it right outside your door? Do you have to hop in a car and drive? Can you find nature in your immediate and everyday surroundings?

It's there — you just have to start to notice it. The birds are singing, you just have to listen. If you can't hear birds, wonder why and find someplace you can.

Even walking for twenty minutes can change your mood, your well being and point of view. It's true. Shut your computer down and go remind yourself!


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1 comment:

joshemari said...

A ti, querida Suzanne, además de susurrarte los ángeles cuando estás dando un paseo (Raymond Inmon), te dan inspiración para una hermosa acuarela!
Un beso.