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I heard from so many of you after last week's post that I've decided to share a bit more about my current local activities. (By the way, commenting below is the best way to communicate about these posts with me!)

Out here on this remote beach locale, I've been teaching two workshops every week and one kid's art class. It's been great fun to serve the ever changing visiting population and I've met some lovely people (of all ages.)

In 1997, I first developed my Basic Drawing and Watercolor Workshops at the Kiawah Island Resort not too far away. Although Edisto is an entirely different situation (and population), in some ways, teaching here has been much like a bookend.

My workshop method for absolute beginners in drawing and watercolor has evolved over the years but I still begin my drawing workshops (and courses) with the very same exercise I started with so many years ago.

Each workshop is a series of progressive and diagnostic exercises but after the primary instruction, I like to use models from the immediate environment to draw and paint.

For the early part of the year, I taught at the small local resort where our "found" model was a potted palm tree that served for our first pen and ink and later, for a two color watercolor exercise.

My new teaching location is a restaurant jutting out over the sea where there's a striped sea bass hanging on the wall that serves as an awesome (and challenging) model.

And then there are the kids' classes where we learn all sorts of things. For example, last week's bonus was learning how to twiddle thumbs while waiting for classmates to finish.

These workshops are fast, furious, messy and loads of fun. I teach an enormous amount of information in a few short hours and model imperfection. The inhibitions and reservations most students arrive with quickly dissolve into laughter.

You can't beat the view!

The Market
Once a week, I set up at the local arts and crafts market with my paintings and wait to see what happens. Never a dull moment!

(Still) Coming Up
One more chance to work online with me personally this year. 12 week course only.

The last offer this year of my online foundation course in drawing + watercolor starts September 12. Click here to email me and ask me put your name on mailing list for early notification (and discount.) Only 5 seats available.


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