How to Disturb Inertia

Force of will

Newton's first law of motion:
A body remains at rest unless acted upon by an external force.
My external force over the past few days has been sheer force of will. I have not felt like doing anything, including writing this post.

Once in motion, I've enjoyed myself but it has not been easy to set myself in motion. Inertia has pinned me down.

This morning, dragging my heels at the start of my drawing workshop I thought, what is the matter with me? Where's my enthusiasm? I love doing this.

Sometimes it's a breeze to take action. Other times you just have to place one foot in front of another. One foot in front of another. Regardless of how you're feeling. You have to do the next right thing and the next right thing until momentum catches on.

No matter what you're working towards, the end of an assignment or the top of a mountain, love the actions that drive momentum. They'll get you from here to there.
"You must learn to love what you have to do."
—Queen Christina
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laura said...

Hi Suzanne. Your post perfectly captures my own predicament of late too. There have been spurts, but nothing I have been able to sustain. It's puzzling, and frustrating ...but it's also not the first time. Good advice though: I have to keep searching the thing that will propel me!
Bought some new watercolor sketchbooks, and your sketch here makes me think I should use them!

Suzanne McDermott said...

Hi Laura!! Great to hear from you. Yep. It's definitely a summer for sketchbooks. As for the inertia, I think that I must have been practicing for Wednesday and Thursday when the heat index was 106f and 111f. Today, the windows are open as the humidity and heat have subsided. MUCH better!

Go on.... use your sketchbooks! You'll make beautiful work in them.