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Suzanne McDermott

Living by the tide chart

Now that I live a five minute walk to the edge of the Atlantic, I keep a tide chart by the front door and use it daily to help plan my day.

I love feeling physically connected to the moon and the sun and the spin of the earth, to gravity.

High tide on the marsh is beautiful but ebb tide on the sea side is my favorite. There's plenty of room to walk a good distance and I can body surf without concern for hidden rocks near the groins. The sand is strewn with all sorts of surprises.

Low ebbs in life can be frightening. I can't say they're enjoyable but my life, which I love, would not be what it is without them.

While procrastinating writing this post, I watched a film on the 2004 Indonesian Tsunami. Several survivors commented on the concentrated power of the water just before the tidal wave turned toward shore.

So it is with life. At extreme ebb tides when we think that all is lost, we're really just building strength and about to discover the power of our flow.

Action always turns the tide of our lives from ebb to flow.
"Action and reaction, ebb and flow, trial and error, change - this is the rhythm of living. Out of our over-confidence, fear; out of our fear, clearer vision, fresh hope. And out of hope, progress."
—Bruce Barton
New student, Lynnie Holland wrote to me late last week.

"I have read and reread your newsletters. I have been through your site, read your course descriptions, looked at your work and reviewed the testimonials. I am soooo close and want to do this in the worst way but still undecided about my lack of experience.

"I have no experience, I am retired, and have been trying to paint in one form or another, from time to time, for the last 40 years. Still haven't done anything that fabulous. Could lessons make a difference?"

This is an example of a particular type of chronic low ebb.

After thanking Lynn for writing, I replied,

I specialize in teaching people much like yourself, or in the predicament in which you describe yourself.

In short, the answer is Yes, lessons with me can make a difference.

  1. You cannot start anything WITH experience. You must learn the ropes and experience the practice. No one starts any endeavor with experience. Week in and week out, for 17 years I have been teaching absolute beginners. I am very good at this.
  2. You need encouragement and instruction, guidance and support for creating your foundation and for understanding your unique gifts.
  3. Most of my students are over 50.

Wouldn't it be terrible to let any more time go by before giving yourself a real chance at this? It's almost like private lessons but with a small group of others who are feeling the same way and will encourage and support you along with me. Your course mates are not required to (support and encourage you) but it always happens.

Lynn took action. She registered for my online course starting Thursday and already, her tide has turned. This morning, she wrote,

"I am so excited. Printed my notebook, watched the video and did my first set of exercises."

Grab the last seat (there might be room for two) and join us for a transformational experience. It's work but lots of fun, too.

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