6 Hot Beach Tips

The Long Walk
Suzanne McDermnott


Stay out of it!

That's Tip #1.
It's summer now and, if you're lucky, you'll find your way to a beach for at least a couple of days. I hope that you do!

Tip #2
Watch this video if you plan to spend time by any body of water where people are swimming. Although I took Red Cross Lifesaving several times, I do not remember such a detailed description of what a drowning person looks like. Click here for more information on how to tell when a person is in trouble. Good to know!

Tip #3
Blue Lizard Australian SUNSCREEN SPF 30+ (Sport) is my new sunscreen discovery. Not only does it go on and stay on while out at the beach and under the water, the bottle turns blue (!) as soon as any UVA/UVB rays hit. I thought this was so cool, I stopped random people to show them!
Badger is also an awesome brand for the all organic crowd. Put it on in the morning. Play in the surf all day. It stays and stays.

Tip #4
Keep pure Aloe Vera on hand. It will soothe any sunburn or skin irritation and is a refreshing, light summer moisturizer (with anti-aging properties.) If you buy from a drug store, double check to make sure that the product is Aloe Vera and nothing but. Best idea is to keep a live Aloe Vera plant in the house or garden. Lily of the Desert gel is the best, purest, tried and true, commercial brand. Buy a bottle and put some in a travel tube.
Tip #5
Find a good page turner. I like short stories and found this anthology in a local book bin for a quarter: David Copperfield's Tales of the Impossible. Great stories, great writers.

Tip #6
Please pick up after yourself. If you're going to bring little bits of plastic or plastic bottles or stuff wrapped in little bits of plastic or stuff in little bags of plastic, please make sure that all that plastic and stuff leaves the beach with you or that you deposit it securely in a trash can. Otherwise some sea creature or feathered friend will mistake it for something good or it will join the islands of plastic out in the middle of our beautiful ocean. Or I'll be picking up after you. I can't help myself.
“In every outthrust headland, in every curving beach, in every grain of sand there is the story of the earth.”
— Rachel Carson
The view from my Sunday morning summer spot: 

Click here for my favorite Summer beach song.

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