Why titles are good

Ah, rest periods. 

I've been sleeping most of this afternoon. It's a Sunday. I did the floors this morning. Took a brisk walk and swim at the beach. Read a bit of John Hersey's My Petition for More Space. Showered, shampooed and tried to color my hair pink but it still looks the same color as before. 

Sundays mark the beginning of my work week. I start my writing, planning and so forth. But after a long week of teaching and my regular weekly market, I worked a long day at an out of doors market yesterday selling my paintings.

It was fun but I need to rest. But I need to write, too. So, sitting down to write now, I am procrastinating by writing something other than what's on my agenda! 

Ah, creativity.

I realized that I haven't been posting my journal entries and as I set up to post the May 1st (a bit behind as you can see), I thought, I wish that I had a title for this...

My intention with this drawing and watercolor journal is to play without intention of outcome. Actually, that's oxymoronish because play is generally defined as action for enjoyment without serious purpose (intention.)

Come to think of it, I actually do have an intention with this play. Here it is. If I draw and paint in a journal, on both sides of the page, just for fun without thought of formal presentation or sale, what am I going to create?

This is a way of checking to see if I'm in a creative rut. But so far, it seems as though I've truly come to rest in my mature expression which looks, interestingly enough, much like the crayon work of my early childhood. 

Anyway, I'm going to start coming up with titles again to save myself the boredom of posts called journal entry whatever date it happens to be. That being said, without a title, I just warmed up my writing muscles!

So, off to my more formal writing assignment and preparations for my upcoming online course.


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