Go with the flow

Blue Moon Blessing
Watercolor, 8 x 8

Creative Flow

The creative process is not just about output. Creativity requires ebb and flow. Intake and output. A balance of the two.

If we try to spend all of our time expressing, we collapse in exhaustion. If we do not express ourselves, we get toxic, stagnant. If we do not rest in between the two actions, there's no time for transition, reflection, readjustment, growth.

In meditations that focus on breathing, there is often instruction to pay attention to the space between the inhale and the exhale, the exhale and the inhale. It's the moment between tension and resolution, problem and solution. In music, that's an equivalent of the rest stops, silence.

Although it helps to think we are grounded by our things, ways of identifying ourselves and routines, the fact is that we spend much of our lives in mid-air. It's really too scary to consider our lives that way so we fill our heads up with chatter of what was and what may be as we're in process in between one experience or situation and another.

As I write this, the moon is at its fullest point. Tomorrow, it will be on the wane. This is the time to express, to breathe out, to release.

Stop for a moment this afternoon or this evening, and consider the full moon, the richness of your life, your abundant gifts. Tomorrow, consider how you express yourself and all that you have to share.


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