Pears for Rosemary

Pears for Rosemary
watercolor and graphite
12 x 18 inches

I teach about materials within the context of my drawing and watercolor courses. Until a student is at a certain level, I stick to high quality student grade materials. At the end of my six-month course, I provide a bonus lesson on materials and resources to send folks out into the world on a new level.

In my quest for a really good brush, I have found my way to Rosemary & Company. I've fallen head over heels in love with their brushes! Last week, I received their Roger Jones set. I was so anxious to try them out that I stopped everything, set up a camera and made a rough, poorly planned demo of my first use. Even amidst the chaos, I knew that these brushes will change my watercolor painting.

The neighborhood was noisy, the cats were rambunctious, and the light changed so dramatically that I finally had to flatten the easel to get out of my own shadow. Alirio Diaz plays an assortment of short Spanish guitar pieces in the background to cover the studio din.

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joshemari said...

Suzanne, la peinture est extraordinaire!!
L’exhibition du vidéo, magnifique! Félicitations!
Et la musique de la guitare espagnole très jolie!
Ça a été un plaisir pour mes yeux et pour toutes les éléments sensibles!

Suzanne McDermott said...

Merci pour vos commentaires toujours charmant. C'est un honneur de vous compter parmi mes amis. Je t'aime! XO