Cloud Study

Cloud Study
Charcoal, pastel and conté on newsprint
14 x 17 inches

In Lesson 15 of my online course in Basic Drawing and Watercolor, we look up! We study the skies and all they hold.

This cloud study is the result of one of my online demos and I'm very excited to say that it's provided a breakthrough for my own work. Now, to set aside time to develop the congregating ideas. That's a challenge because so much of my time and attention is focused on my online course which is fine because it's in process of becoming so much more than I ever expected with awesome results for my students.

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Look up! Behold the sky. It's good for you!

For me, right now, it's back to the drawing board.


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Hey-zel Mamaril said...


Suzanne McDermott said...

Hey! Thank you, zel. You made my morning. Now... to finish my coffee.

Hope school is great and that the workload is not too stressful. XO

kadambari said...

omg ! youre such a fabulous artist :)