Watercolor on Lanaquarelle, 2011
8" x 9"

Time to transform into a new season, new clothing, new mindset.

The cooling air and coming rain feel good and right to me. I don't even mind the coming darkness much. At least not at this point. I feel like I'm riding a continuum and that the seasons are turn, turn, turning faster and faster and before I know it, Spring will be cropping up again.

I do like the entr'acte, though, when the scenery changes and the curtain parts on a new season. There's anticipation and expectation and excitement for the unexpected that just might step upon the stage.

You never know....


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Olivia said...

Delicious colors Suzanne, like a " candy " landscape. I love it ! Bises.

Suzanne McDermott said...

Hey, Olivia! Thanks! You're right. A little butterscotch. Perfect for fall.....