Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear
Watercolor, 8 x 9 inches

Nunjabi Book I

I was about to start fussing with tiny tricks of perspective to bring the foreground fore and put the background back. Then I noticed that I couldn't take my eyes off the mountain peak.

This visual manipulation is a conspiracy of composition, line and color. But the absolute clarity of fore-, middle- and backgrounds removes space and time in the picture plane. It's almost like being in three places at once. Almost because you'll never be on the peak, you'll always be looking at it.

Pretend the mountain peak is your goal. When your goal is crystal clear, no matter how far the distance you know what it feels like to be there. That is the beauty of good inner vision.


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1 comment:

joshemari said...

Estos tres planos de esta acuarela están muy bien definidos y maravillosamente pintados. Cada uno en su lugar! Tu ya has alcanzado esa cima! aunque te haya sido difícil llegar a él.
Cuando me refiero a la cima, quiero decir: la cima del éxito!!!
Un abrazo Suzanne.