Watercolor, 8 x 9 inches

Nunjabi Book I

Throwing myself to the winds of this expressive project is anchored by the fact that I'm filling a book, page by page with these paintings. That's part of the discipline. Another part of the discipline is going where each painting takes me (without resistance) and finding ways to make each work.

The unexpected and very interesting part of the results is that each painting (in retrospect rather than intention) reflects my internal experience at the moment of making each painting.

For example, when I sat down to this one, I was trying out a new (to me) brand of one of my favorite colors, Quinacridone Gold. So, I've learned a bit about how it works and what it looks like compared to the other brands that I use. But that fact has little to do with the resulting painting.

When I was approaching completion, I thought it looked like a partially cleared but still obstructed path. As is often the case, the final title did not occur to me until I was scanning at which point, I threw the working title(s) out. Bushwhacking! That's it.

Then I realized that bushwhacking is exactly what I am doing this week, today, right now. I have so many tasks that I'm almost paralyzed. Almost.

Rather than lay down and die, I am picking up my metaphorical machete and whacking my tasks off one by one to clear my path.

All right! This one is cleared!


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Forest Dream Weaver said...

I see a lion snoozing (or smoldering!)under the hillside on the right. Or maybe he's an ancestral elder,that would tie in with signals!

Just a thought!

Suzanne McDermott said...

Hi Ruby,

Now I'll have to look for the lion. Hmm.. Where could he be.

Double "D" said...

Umm, I see something there only more like a bird.
I also see hands reaching out of the painting that drag the viewer in. Well, enough of that, I see a gorgeous painting with colors I could only hope for.

Hey, where is your signature?

Suzanne McDermott said...

Okay, Doug! We're an official mutual admiration society of two. I can't stand to clutter up my watercolors with signatures (though I tried for a while a few years ago). I sign in pencil on paper under painting on bottom right. If my paintings go to edge of paper, I sign in pencil on back.

One day when I have a chance to breathe (please tell me that day is not so far off), I want to practice with a liner to see what I can muster up.

Double "D" said...

The time to breath cool fresh air is just around the corner. Having been abused by the corporate glad handers and thought many times of just walking away and or something really foolish. I'm glad I stuck it out, as a walked out the door for the last time, I fired my key card back through the door and flipped them the bird. When I got to the car I decided to leave some rubber in the parking lot.
It's all taken a time to really realize what it's really like. Definitely worth it.

I'm not near my brushes right now but tomorrow I'll send you the name of the brush that's perfect for signatures.

Take care pal

I wish I could bring you to that date in the future where you begin to breath. Pick a date to shoot for. Make it a doable date. What do you want to accomplish. That's it, just pick a date and go for it