Blue Falls

Blue Falls
Watercolor, 12 x 12 inches

I've decided that I'd be out of my mind to work on a watercolor while finishing up last minute business for the maiden voyage of my Basic Drawing + Watercolor Online Course.

I'm working away to make it a sea worthy journey and am very pleased with the results! I hope the students will thing the same thing! This first course is sold out and I have 6 people on the waiting list for September! I am so excited! Also have two full crews coming into the studio on Saturday for a four week session, so...

I'm posting this demo that I made at an expo in mid-May. Too large to scan, the colors are a bit cooler than in real life but hell if I'm going to start fiddling with color on the computer!

I'm going to pop a pizza in the oven and watch Masterpiece Theater.

Good night!

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Double "D" said...

This is really great, it flows so nicely. Colors are wonderful and clean. I'm really loving these pieces that you're doing. Glad your class is full, that's great. The students are in for a treat.

I'll keep watching and enjoying.

Suzanne McDermott said...

Thanks for your encouragement with the mOst outside of my offerings. It's a tremendous help.

Anonymous said...


Oh, oh, oh... I missed reading your blogs. xD Been busy with school and all. But now I am back. ^_^