Free Fall

Free Fall
Watercolor, 8 x 9 inches

Nunjabi Book I

I don't mind telling you that it's scary to move into these free forms. But, as I make them, they feel natural and right. A convergence of all the marks I've made since childhood.

I got stuck on this one though. It took me over a week. Although there were extenuating circumstances, I kept going back at it trying to make it work. Some minor fussing. Letting the thing dry. More minor fussing. More letting dry.

Well, at a certain point, I had to stop. One thing that helped me let this go was making paintings beyond this entry. Because this is a book project, I'm committed to each page. No crossing out or tearing up (as I've done with so many paintings over the past 5 years.) Part of my commitment is to post each one. So... Woila!
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caseytoussaint said...

I really like it! Funny how much harder abstract is compared to realism. But you really have something here.

RH Carpenter said...

I know nothing about abstract art except what draws me and what I find pleasing. I agree with Casey on this one - you've got something here that fits both of those criteria :)

Double "D" said...

It's cool Suzanne. On top of being abstract and well done, it has the feeling of the graphic effect that a wood cut has, it also reminds of me of Australian cave paintings. Another observation about abstract paintings. I think you picked a difficult approach by using hard edged shapes. You're a brave soul and talented too.

Suzanne McDermott said...

Thanks to all of you — I appreciate your encouraging feedback and (of course!), I'm glad you like this one. I think that I'll have to compose a post or two on abstraction, at least about how I understand the term.

You really hit on it, Doug, when you refer to the cave paintings because what I'm forging is really primal. But about intentionally using a hard edged shape? It chose me, I didn't chose it!