Watercolor, 9 x 16 inches
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This watercolor was started a year or two ago and I recently worked on it again. Students in and out of the studio are immediately drawn to it so I've decided to post it. The mountain is the key figure, the anchor of the scene and yet, somehow, apart.

As I read the 25th entry in the Tao Te Ching yesterday, I thought it a suitable companion for this painting.
"There was something formless and perfect
before the universe was born.
It is serene. Empty.
Solitary. Unchanging.
Infinite. Eternally present.
It is the mother of the universe.
For lack of a better name,
I call it the Tao.

It flows through all things,
inside and ouside, and returns
to the origin of all things.

The Tao is great.
The universe is great.
Earth is great.
Man is great.
These are the four great powers.

Man follows the earth.
Earth follows the universe.
The universe follows the Tao.
The Tao follows only itself."

—Translation: Stephen Mitchell

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Anonymous said...

SO BEAUTIFUL SUZANNE! I love it! The colors, everything! =D

joshemari said...
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joshemari said...

Suzanne, jolie aquarelle et très jolie poème de Tao.