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I could not dance around the Maypole this Beltane. Instead, I rearranged the studio yet again (having just moved my office from the loft back down to the main floor), and finished some necklace and bracelet strands of semi-precious stones.

I caught the bead bug again while investigating stones with healing properties for bones and fractures. Creating the design patterns for complementary beads and stringing these necklaces and bracelets requires time, patience, dexterity, and magnification so I only make them once every so many years. But I enjoy the results and usually wear them till they break or I grow out of them.

For aficionados, one set includes periodot, sodalite, aventurine, labradorite, citrine, larvikite, amazonite, grossular garnet and clear quartz. The other set is made of amethyst, grossular garnet, citrine, clear quartz, periodot, labradorite, apatite and iolite. Magical fun!

I consider this hobby directly related to my watercolor work as most of these stones are transparent or semi-transparent and their design is informed by my understanding of transparent color. John LaFarge, (whose work we always copy in my classes) for example, was a master watercolorist and also a master of stained glass.

Photographing jewelry is an art form unto itself (that I have not mastered and am not going to worry about!), but you get the idea.

Back to business now, and to watercolor. Happy May¡!¡!

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