Brood XIX of the 13-year cycle

Brood XIX of the 13-year cycle
Nashville, TN
19 May 2011
Ink and watercolor pencil

Sure has been noisy around here. Beautiful, but noisy. Now as sun sets, the lawn mowers and weed eaters have finished their jobs and the cicadas have nodded off for the night.

These insects are everywhere! Climbing up tires, my back door, on almost every leaf... One found its way into my car. Good thing I had my foot on the brake when he made himself known. LOUD! It's an honor to be present for this rare appearance and I love the rattle and whirring song.

Click here to read more about our cicadas. More here.

This morning, I woke at 5 AM and decided that it's a good day to start in motion radical changes. The moon is on the wane and I am all about letting go of what no longer works, fits or suits me. I am sick of this old shit that's holding me back. (Personal matters but I'm guessing that most of you can relate and plug in your own personal matters.) I have just started walking without my boot brace and, though it'll be a while before I lose the limp (and the fear), I'm ready for forward motion. I've been in recline too long.

I followed a wild hair this morning and, while picking up a new medium to try out (stay tuned), spotted a cool sketchbook. Now, let me tell you that I in no way need a new sketchbook. But I liked the size and shape and paper and bought it. 300 pages! It's a Flexi-Sketch, 8 x 8 inches, 75 lb. paper, by hand•book journal co. The only thing is... I can't really take water to the paper. Oh, well. I'm going to fill it up anyway.

I've spotted folks on blogs posting their every day in May drawings and especially love what Barbara Weeks is doing at Drawing Breath. An inspiration. I am behind (limping along) with just about everything so, hey, I have 300 pages to fill and will go far beyond this month. Can't imagine that I'll post more than a small percentage but I'll be filling the pages nonetheless.

I've made one drawing today. Always an accomplishment!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Nice drawing Suzanne!

Very beautiful and detailed wings. I love it. XD

Hayss, insects are starting to invade us here too.

I need radical changes too. @_@

Glad you got your boot brace off! I hope you'll get super better soon!

Yes Suzanne! Fill up that sketchbook! Don't let a little obstacle stop you!!!

;) An accomplishment a day, makes a well fulfilled life. 300 pages to fill, almost a day of fulfillment. =D

Suzanne McDermott said...

Thank you, my friend. One step at a time to super better. It's simply a matter of making up one's mind. Mind over matter!

Nan Johnson said...

Glad you are on your way to "normal" again! Love the sketch & good for you, doing a sketchbook. It's a discipline I wish I could embrace. And yes, keep counting your plus's -- you'll keep finding more & more of them!

Suzanne McDermott said...

Thanks for stepping out. I appreciate the encouragement!

Barbara Weeks said...

I love the delicacy of the wings in this sketch.

Thank you for the shout out!