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Hexagram 57 of the I Ching is composed of the paired trigram Sun, representing wind. I chose this hexagram to write about in todays's post because of the painted image, the title and the fact that tornado sirens have been blasting away over the past hour as a furious storm system passes through our area.

Hexagram 57 is called The Gentle, The Penetrating, Wind, Penetrating Influence. Wind below, Wind above.

My favorite I Ching book is R.L. Wing's The I Ching Workbook.In fact, I just looked through all five of my books on the I Ching and it is only the Wing book I am compelled to quote. I think I'll sell all the others (in my ongoing quest to rid my life of everything I don't need or use) with the exception of the Wilhelm (Bollingen).Too classic, plus it was a gift from my ex-husband.

Of Hexagram 57, Wing writes
"Chinese art often depicts the effects of the invisible wind as it influences the landscape. Mountains are shown eroded and sculpted into fascinating forms, trees bend and twist into exotic shapes, clouds roll dramatically across the sky, bringing life-giving rain. In contemplating the wind, the Chinese mind is inspired by the profound effect of a steady, PENETRATING INFLUENCE, and how this effect might manifest itself in human affairs.

You are faced with a situation that can be influenced only by gradual efforts in a consistent direction. Gentleness is the key here. ... Try to imagine and emulate the gentle, unceasing wind. Success will come in a gradual way, bringing increasing clarity of purpose.

...The time requires patience, a long-term commitment, and a vision of what you ultimately wish to accomplish. The improvement of your emotional and physical health will now come with gradual refinement."

It is now exactly eight weeks since my fall and I have another six weeks on crutches. As you can imagine, I am looking forward to walking free again. Mostly because everything takes so long for me to do. It is late in the day before I can really settle down to work. However, my situation is temporary. I am being patient and gentle as my healing unfolds and trusting that everything that I cannot handle personally, is being taken care of. What else am I going to do?

For an impatient speed-freak like myself, this period of enforced patience and slow groove is a blessing.

As I finish this post, the storm has passed and the sirens have fallen silent. Some tornados touched down in the area but not near me. The birds are calling and the rain is falling. Gently.

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RH Carpenter said...

This is a beautiful painting, and I enjoyed the post about the I Ching, too. Storms, tornados, wind, wind wind in Kentucky, too.

Suzanne McDermott said...

Thank you. I'm glad you like it, Rhonda. I love mercurial spring weather and storms but, honestly, I'm very afraid of tornados. And there ain't much that scares me.

Anonymous said...


I'm practicing my strokes on charcoal pencil drawings. =D

Because I can never let my pictures be as beautiful like a wind is sweeping things away. I SHALL PRACTICE! =)

xD <3

RH Carpenter said...

Hope you are safe and sound after the storms rolled through last night!!

Suzanne McDermott said...

Hazel! So glad to hear that you're practicing your strokes. Good for you. Practice is what it's all about. I'm glad you like my painting!

Suzanne McDermott said...

Thank you for checking in, Rhonda! All's well. The worst of the storm here was yesterday afternoon as I was posting this.

Art with Liz said...

Thank you for a beautiful post Suzanne. So appropriate for a beautiful painting full of movement.

Suzanne McDermott said...

Liz! What a treat to hear from you. Many thanks.