J'ai été mis en garde

This began as a simple pencil drawing. I loved the line work and could have left it that way but, no... Ink it! Not wild about the results, I added watercolor pencil and a bit of wash. Not wild about that so started fussing with it in Photoshop. Well, I could have made a dozen nice pencil drawings in the time it took to reach the stage you see.

No matter. It was an interesting exercise and only serves to show the guard rail that my very helpful neighbor, Maryann, put up for me last week. She and her husband donated Poplar braces and Rick at the neighborhood hardware store found a nice length of Norfolk Pine for the rail. Long overdue is a wild understatement.

What I've lived with for almost five years is this:

which was fine(ish) when the loft was used for storage. However, in late December, I moved my office upstairs. Exactly three weeks ago, I fell from the edge of the loft to the studio floor (which you already know if you've been reading along.)

After the emergency room and immediate treatments, this new guard rail was high on my priority list. Such a simple thing...

It is nothing short of a miracle that I'm alive and in one moving piece with only a few bruises, a badly fractured foot and sprained ankle.

Hmmm... what category should I file this post under? Lessons learned? Glad to be alive? Drawing will have to do.
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Anonymous said...


OMG. T_T I love your home.

RH Carpenter said...

This brings home the idea of how badly you could have been injured and I'm so glad it wasn't worse - and you are so lucky to have friends like this to help you out, knowing there is a need.

joshemari said...

Uf! Heureusement que tu es vivante et tu dois être content de pouvoir le raconter. Vivre une nouvelle vie.
Je suis content d’avoir Suzanne vivante et bientôt, avec ces jolies peintures.

Don Gray said...

Suzanne--My bad, I haven't been doing a very good job lately of keeping up with blogger friends. I just backtracked through your posts...so sorry about your fall and broken foot! Really glad you weren't hurt worse and hope you heal fast. Your undaunted spirit is inspiring!

Suzanne McDermott said...

Thank you all for your sweet comments... Multiple XOs

Bisous right back at you, Joshemari.

and Don, no bad! When was I last at your place? So fabulous to hear from you. I'll be over soon.