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Way back when I posted my last watercolor, I mentioned that I'd been painting up a storm so far this year... but not with watercolor. Now that I've sort of adjusted to my new lifestyle,  I thought I'd give you a glimpse of my latex painting before the fall. 

I'm sharing views of the colorful walls in my little house. To be honest, I painted the kitchen and living room a couple of years ago. Now every wall is painted by my own choice.

I'll shout out the color names as we go along. Yellowed Leaf and Magnolia Blossom are the two kitchen colors, above and below.

Soothing Blue and two creams that I mixed myself dress the living room in the following two photos.

This latest project started with a medicine cabinet I found on clearance at home depot. (I have been lusting after a nice medicine cabinet for years.)

One thing led to another and... I ripped up the nasty old vinyl floor, cut and pasted new tiles (Beige Slate) then painted the bathroom walls Of the Earth.

My neighbor put in the shoe molding, caulked, and painted the ceiling a nice oops color that I bought for one dollar.

On to the guest room which has been a sort of junk room for five years. I mixed the wall color from miscellaneous buckets then painted the trim with leftover from the bathroom walls.  I found the most fabulous air mattress online. Soooo comfortable and sturdy! Worth dressing in new blanket and sheets.

The louvered doors, main guest room door and desk were painted from some older leftover bucket.

A couple of new lamps from the Dollar Store, a little fresh paint on the desk...

and a bit of furniture rearrangement in the house. Below is a family heirloom — The Madonna of the Oranges.

Well, I'd painted everything but the hallway and my bedroom. After all of this, why not paint my bedroom to perk up my own corner? The 25¢ version is this: I painted the entire room shell pink and decided it was nice for a 5 year old girl. Then I painted the room what I thought was a grey-violet which turned out to be nice but for a 13 year old girl. Finally, I found Comfy Tan which is just right.

But left one long wall the violet color...

Which is quite lovely to look at. The hallway is Warm Toast.

Lots of Feng Shui at work and still some details to tackle but for the most part, and thank god for this, I'd finished the bulk of this project, cleaned up and moved all the paint buckets and equipment out to the shed just before my fall. Ah... little did I know what my next chapter held!

And there is your little tour of my little house.
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Anonymous said...

OMG! It's beautiful. So fresh, vibrant and clean. =D

Suzanne McDermott said...

Thank you,sweetheart.
I have been meaning to leave notes on your blog but am there In spirit for now. XO I have a couple of books to send you ....

RH Carpenter said...

You put me to shame - haven't painted anything since I painted the bathroom a few year's back and this house really needs new color and carpets and flooring and kitchen cabinets and...so much so that it's overwhelming and I just go back to painting my watercolors!
Beautiful touches all around - a comfortable, clean, somewhat feminine (but not too much so) house fit for company :)

Suzanne McDermott said...

Oh... It's simply a matter of intentiOn and direction Of energy. I'm a firm believer in feng shui and gOod order leading to happiness, great creativity and other good things. First things first. Thank you for beIng sO steadfast.

Laurie McCarriar said...

oh yeah, looks great!!!!

Suzanne McDermott said...


caseytoussaint said...

what a gorgeous home - it shows that it belongs to an artist.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

The whole place is looking awesome. Are you alright after falling out of that loft?