Free and Easy

After the laborious and not so satisfactory drawing in last entry, I can't help but post these little doodle demos from last Saturday's drawing class. The above scribble was simply to demonstrate how water-soluble graphite works.

The little bird below is a copy of a Milton Avery painting with markers I grabbed from a pile. I was showing how to lay out a copy without getting hung up in detail.

And finally, a quick description of the problem my brilliant 10-year old was running into representing a stem running through water in a glass. Wrong on the left, right on the right!

Ah, let me never belabor a drawing again!!!  And... as in drawing, so in life.
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Anonymous said...

OMG! Nice dawings!
A 10 year old drew that?! Woow! It's so nice! I can't draw like that. >.<

Suzanne McDermott said...

No, I drew all of these, hazel. The last one was specifically for the benefit of the 10 year old. You can draw just fine even thoug I haven't seen anything in a long time. Btw, I'm now locked ut of hazel loves to smile. Well have to fix that!