The Forest and the Trees

The Forest and the Trees
Watercolor, 5 x 7 inches
$150 email me to purchase

Although I'm clear on my long-term goals and most tasks required to arrive, with each passing day I am forced more and more to contend with what is immediately before me.

I painted for long hours each day throughout January up till last week but made no watercolors. It was all wall painting and rollers, pans and buckets of latex, camping out amidst chaos.

My house and studio have been beautifully upgraded. I love my new room colors and general renovation. Just as I was about to settle into new business, ramping up for the rest of the year...

Well, I'll ask you to stay tuned as that is the next chapter.

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Anonymous said...

Happy for your studio upgrades Suzzane! :D
I love the darkness of the blue. :D

Suzanne McDermott said...

Thanks, Hazel. Mostly upgrades to my house. One big upgrade is coming to the studio soon... A guard rail for the loft!!!!