The Heart of the Matter

On Aldous Huxley's Island, Mynah birds were trained to call, "Attention! Attention!"
"Attention to what?" one character asked. "To attention." was the reply.
There is nothing like a daub of warm red to attract the eye and demand attention. Using red to manipulate attention is a tried and true, centuries old painter's trick that cuts directly through our messy, busy thoughts and involves us involuntarily in the picture plane. The red connects directly to the rods and cones in our retinas and we respond physically.

It is relatively simple to deconstruct a picture plane — the plane is static and can be examined over a period of time. Living experience, operating physically in the world, interacting with other people in dynamic movement is far more complex to comprehend. And yet, practicing, learning about and understanding elements of the expressive arts contribute to our understanding of the human experience and situation.

The other day, I heard a snippet of radio interview with a man regularly called upon at year's end to forecast top stories for the coming year. The forecaster basically said that there are so many unknown variables and the ground is shifting so quickly, that forecasting what the new year may bring is no longer possible. When pressed for a forecast anyway, his first prediction was that it is no longer possible to forecast.

Think about that.

The big thing for this coming year and from here on out is to pay attention. Be here now. Develop and learn to highly tune your perceptive senses. Distract yourself and go unconscious at your own risk.

Life is fleeting, dynamic, surprising.

In the coming year, as I renovate my teaching programs, I am exploring the spiritual essence of the expressive arts. That's the heart of the matter.

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RH (Rhonda) Carpenter said...

You said what I have been thinking in such an eloquent way, Suzanne! May the new year bring you attention to all that comes your way and a delicate touch with things that may be brushed aside.

Suzanne McDermott said...

Thank you, dear. Great minds think alike! Warm wishes for the new year to you, too.