August 6, 1945

DATE WITH HISTORY: Hiroshima - reel 1 & 2

A week or so ago, the Chicago Tribune named me as one of the Top 50 Folkies of the last 50 years. I'm not much for "best of" lists or flavor of the month clubs but it's an honor and I certainly appreciate the recognition.

The song that put me on that list is The 3 Dreams of J. Robert Oppenheimer. And it's just in time to mark the 6th of August, the day most folk djs play my Oppenheimer song. You can listen by clicking on the player under the title below.

The 3 Dreams of J. Robert Oppenheimer

Download your own copy at iTunes.
or buy the full CD — Souvenir.

I found the posted Pathé film which you may or may not be in the mood to watch. If you've never seen it, at least watch the set up. It's certainly worth remembering the citizens of Hiroshima, and Nagasaki, too.

DATE WITH HISTORY - Hiroshima - reel 3

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