Bohain-en-Vernandois Studio

after Matisse (2)
L'atelier sous les toits
Watercolor pencil on Lana hot press, 7 x 10 inches

So this will be my practice for a little while. Making copies.

In between solid series, I can barely stand my miscellaneous piece work as I fight for time to draw and paint. Making copies of other artist's works from books will have to do. This week, Matisse.

It's a good in-between project. I learn a lot a lot from making copies and all I have to do is pull a book off a shelf. It's fun to try and mimic the strokes and texture of one medium with an entirely different one. Not only am I copying oil with watercolor but with watercolor pencil. Of course, I'm also working from plates of paintings, having no clue as to their veracity to the original painting.

I chose this piece because it's dark with blacks and browns and oranges. I wanted to see how dark I could go with the General Pencil watercolor pencils without getting muddy. I am sure that I could have gone darker but am experimenting my way into the use of black watercolor pencil and its effect on other colors.  I keep reaching for the gouache to get the opaque quality of the oils but then remember that I'm trying out new pencils. I'll leave the gouache for later.

Out the studio window is a sunny winter view of the place where Matisse grew up: Bohain-en-Vernandois.

The original:

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Anonymous said...

Well, I think you did a really good copy. I like yours better if you ask me. Because it has this sunny feeling to it that makes it breezy and nice to look at. The original is nice too, but it's kind of creepy. xDDDDD <3

Cathy Gatland said...

You make me want to copy some Masters too - this has a lovely shimmery movement to it, not sure if it's the medium or the light, but it's great!

RHCarpenter said...

I agree, your copy is more appealing - warmer, lighter, move inviting...a place an artist may want to come to and create :)