St. Joe's Shrimp

St. Joe's Shrimp
Watercolor and pencil, 5 x 8 inches

The heat index was over 100 degrees (the humidity at 76%!) as I sat in my car across from St. Joe's Shrimp twisted sideways in my seat to work up this sketch. First, an old Caddie pulled up and blocked the view. Next, a humongous Budweiser truck rolled up. I pulled out to explore the Marina and old parts of St. Joe proper.

I returned after a while to pick up where I left off and don't you know that a big chip delivery truck pulled in and blocked half the building. I finished the best I could anyway then sent myself in for some steamed, fresh caught shrimp for a late lunch. We don't know how much more there will be.

While my shrimp was steaming, a man came in with his two sons. Someone on the other end of his cell phone said that there'd been oil spotted off Apalachicola, just south of here.

St. Joe's Shrimp charters fishing trips in small boats, trawls for shrimp, sells it out of the store, packs it for travel and hosts a small convenience/tourist store. If I only have time to make a few sketches and watercolors, I want to make them meaningful. I thought this little business, right on the bay, says a lot about the way of life along the coast and some of the interaction between the wild and the commercial.

With all there is to take in, drawings and watercolors seem to require an inordinate amount of time. I'm taking hundreds of photos but am committed to one drawing and/or watercolor per day.

Tonight my friend is taking me up to the forest station observation tower for an awesome view of the bay and the gulf. Later on, there's a fellow coming up with a few others from Sarasota to document the dolphin population as of now. Some bird specialists arriving, too. Tomorrow, I'm going to help my friend put up photo spots to document certain points in the bay before and after the oil. In the morning, I will take an even longer swim in the gulf.

There's so much to report but these posts give you a taste for now.
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RHCarpenter said...

You were right on to paint this - a small Mom and Pop shop...that may not make it through this. Let's HOPE big time for all these little jewels of the seaside!

Kimmie said...

I read recently that the dolphins are moving in closer and closer to shore - as if to get away from the oil - they are so smart. I only hope they can find an escape route before getting trapped there.

Anonymous said...

Do you and your friend. :D