Dune Point

Dune Point
Cap San Blas, Florida
June 16, 2010

After a rudimentary exploration of the peninsula, I felt oriented one way and settled enough to swim.  Lucky me, I happened on a perfect spot. A tiny, hidden beach almost at the tip of the peninsula. The access is hidden by a cluster of grand, new houses on stilts painted in happy beachy colors. One of many clusters up and down this very narrow strip.

Dune Point, Cap San Blas, Florida
June 16, 2010

As I was wandering up the peninsula, I thought — what is it about these spits of sand on water here along the gulf? How can I explain the Gulf of Mexico to people who have never experienced it?

So much to do in such little time. While I'm in this water - this clear, clean water -  I feel like I'm breathing fully for the first time in years. I make myself stop thinking and just feel what it's like suspended in this jade and sapphire and aquamarine. It's heaven. I could stay in this water all day.

Just out of reach, something surfaces. I don't even have time to comprehend what it might be when a loggerhead turtle — as big as I am — pops its head up for a gulp of air and a look at me. Then swims away. We're both a little surprised. It's certainly a first for me.

Dune Point, Cap San Blas, Florida
June 16, 2010

The Gulf of Mexico is a sacred place. There is no other place like this in the universe.
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RHCarpenter said...

Gosh, Suzanne, you've already packed so many photos and info in your blogs and I just caught up - you must have gotten there in record time :) Thanks for sharing - I hope to see more and hear more about the wildlife, the beach, the people, etc. as your visit continues.

Kimmie said...

as a toddler in Houston, my parents took us down to Galveston quite often ..... I haven't been to the gulf since then - but I'm sure that is where I first learned to LOVE the water :)

Anonymous said...