Sunday Morning Peonies

It's been quite a month. Coal Mine Explosion. Volcanic Eruption. The death of the Gulf of Mexico before our very eyes.

Yesterday, it was rainy in Nashville. Heavy rain. I ran out to buy flowers for my students but thought better when I saw how heavy. Pulled over and was soaked as I cut some peonies from wild bush.

Two of my students made it to drawing class. As we worked away on out challenging subjects, we should have been building an arc. The world around us was flooding and by 6 PM I helped my students plan high road routes back to their homes.

A state of emergency was declared. The mayor begged citizens to stay home. I woke on Sunday morning to lightning and thunder and more heavy rain. No electricity. No phone. No internet. We received 25% of our normal annual rainfall in a little over 24 hours.

I pulled out my guitar and played some tunes. Then I started scribbling and worked up what I could of the Peonies in the dim light.

We talked quite a bit about scribbling in drawing class yesterday so I threw caution to the wind and played on a cheap sheet of paper with everything I could lay my hands on — pencil, pen, marker, crayon, colored pencil and watercolor pencil. It was fun.

More scribble time. Less computer work.
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RHCarpenter said...

You take a nerve-wracking, anxiety-producing day...and make something lovely and soft and serene. You are a special lady!

Suzanne McDermott said...

Oh, honey. What a sweet thing to say. I truly appreciate your friendship.