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Library at Woburn, Mass.

Just because a book is finished does not mean that work is finished on a book!

This pen and ink was made from an early photo of the Library at Woburn, Massachusetts. I found it in a 1902 edition of the Text-Book of the History of Architecture. Of 423 pages, only 17 on architecture in the United States.

I think I performed at this library while I was touring with my program on the history of the Christmas Carol — Out Under the Sky.

This drawing illustrates one of the pages in my new eBook How To Throw A Big Draw in Your Neighborhood. That eBook is being offered with a bonus of my other new eBook Basic Drawing Lessons.

With all this work on getting other people to draw, I thought it was about time to post a drawing of my own up here. As many of you know, you can see other drawings of mine at Studies and Sketches.

I'm readjusting to a new web presence — and it's taking some tweaking (and considerable time) — but it'll all come out in the wash, as they say!

Back to work on the eBooks which is now getting them out into the world.

You can help by telling your friends and family!

How To Throw A Big Draw in Your Neighborhood
Basic Drawing Lessons
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