Bird in flight

Bird in flight
Watercolor and pencil

It is unbearable for me to watch what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico. Unbearable.

I lived within spitting distance of that most glorious jewel of the planet for nearly a decade and what I most loved was what lives in, on and by the water. I miss the Gulf and its wildlife every single day of my life away from there.

Recently, I've been making cartoons of birds and enjoying the songs and antics of my feathered backyard friends. As I recover from the writing and production of my new eBooks, I've been considering birds as subject matter.

As the shore birds and migrators now die at the height of their nesting season and the rest of the magnificent sea life is extinguished at the hands of greedy, sloppy industry, I'll concentrate on that life as a subject. More or less. I feel ill every time I think of how dependent upon oil I am for my daily life.

Bird in Flight is an old sketch I have not been able to throw away. I keep moving it from one spot to another in the studio. I may as well share it!
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