Patience is not a Virtue

Patience is a practice.
Infinite patience brings immediate results. — Wayne Dyer
Hurry up and wait.  Frankly, that's how I notice myself feeling more than I'd like to admit.  I have an impatient personality that can get the better of me.  But I work with it.

As I was setting up my laptop to write this post, the power cord was twisted and looped into itself.  My impulsive tendency was to pull at the thing in frustration but I worked with it.  I made it the most important thing I could possibly be doing.  Apparently, it was the most important thing for me to do!

When I become impatient, I notice that I move directly into aggression.  It's a completely unconscious change. Not a good thing!

I'm impatient about allowing this blog to evolve.  About allowing my new website to evolve.  About completing the book am I writing.  About creating new work.

The key word is allowing.  Allowing takes time.  The only time is now.  And Now is the key to patience.  The only way to be patient is to be here now.

How do I work with my impatience?
  • I notice my impatience.  Awareness is critical.  
  • As soon as I become aware of my impatience, there is space and I have a choice.  I can surrender to unconsciousness and continue to feel impatient, or I can work with it.
  • I pay attention to my breath and make sure that I'm breathing.
  • I massage my hands.
  • I remind myself that if this were my last moment of my life on earth, it would be a shame to not enjoy it.
  • I look at the obstacle that's in my way to see it more deeply.   That obstacle could be anything — a power cord, a person, the tailgate of a car.
  • When I look deeply at whatever I might consider my obstacle to be, that quells my impatience.  And often, a feeling of love arises.   A good thing!
Read Pema Chodron's great article on The Power of Patience.
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