Change One Thing

Change one thing every day.
If you don't create change, change will create you
Most people want to change something in their lives.  I certainly have a little list.

You have to make a change in order to create a change.
By intentionally changing one thing every day, you will create space in your life to allow for new change and development.   Even if you're at the stage where you feel as though you want to change something but you don't know what, making incremental, intentional change on a daily basis will allow space for clarity to arise.

We are creatures of habit and form habits with alarming speed.  When we form habits, "good" or "bad", a sort of calcification sets in and our tendency is to conk out — to go unconscious. When we go unconscious, we disconnect spiritually and that is when we get into trouble!

Most of us have pockets full of conk out methods — drugging and drinking, TV, food, cigarettes, and complaining are standard fare.   But another way to conk out is via routine.  Do you ever hop in the car to drive one place and suddenly discover that you've started driving somewhere else out of pure routine?

Make change work.
I'm writing a book and have been struggling with procrastination as I enter into a new phase of the project.  Procrastination is another tried and true method of going unconscious.  It's a mind game you play with yourself.   To be fair, it takes a little wiggling to fit your senses into new phases of any creative project.

To work with this, I changed up my morning routine.  Yes, the wonderful routine that helps me build support for my day.  I did not eliminate the routine but I changed the sequence, reduced the time of one Yoga exercise, added some meditation time and pulled the writing segment out (temporarily) and placed it at the end of my day.   Just a little messing with routine wakes me up because I am forced to pay more attention to what I'm actually doing.  It also makes me truly appreciate the value of good routine I've established! I am happy to report that my temporary change up has taken positive effect.

You can also change a little thing in your physical environment.  Just taking a minute to look around your physical space will connect you to where you are while you consider what you can move or cut loose.

Zen is doing one thing at a time.  Change one thing at a time. Just a little thing.  Even if you change one thing a week - that's 52 things in a year!  Even if each little change seems insignificant, you will be creating space for yourself and priming yourself for more significant change, for grander intentional change.

As you make little changes, pay attention to your breath.  Notice the space you are creating.  You're clearing the path for connection to the new and different.

Here are a few examples of little things you can change —
  • Throw something away
  • Change the radio station
  • Notice your attitude
  • Change your attitude about something
  • Juggle the order of any part of your routine
  • Wear a pair of old shoes
  • Juggle another part of your routine
  • Notice things that do not make you feel good
  • Change one of those things
  • Wear a favorite cologne you've neglected
  • Change a negative thought about someone
  • Drive a different route to work
  • Walk around a different block
  • Try a new food
  • Drink some pure water instead of coffee or soda
  • Sit in a different seat
What little daily changes could you make?
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