Welcome to my new blog. 
The only constant is change. — Heraclitus 
We are all on the brink of something new with every moment. With every moment, we have the power to change our thoughts and change our lives.

It's my experience that with every change I undertake (and I have undertaken many!), the habits of my previous ways of thinking and doing rise up to battle change with all their well-exercised muscle. This really bothers me and definitely gets in my way! This phenomena gets in the way of each and every one of us.

For example, I was blogging away in the very easy Blogger format since 2006 but chose to move to a new platform. This new platform feels difficult for me to learn not because it's such a difficult environment but because it's new to me, there's the inevitable learning curve and I am designing and working within two sites and two new blogs. In the process, I seem to find all sorts of ways to struggle and procrastinate. Nonetheless, I am taking action and moving forward. Action makes what feels difficult merely a temporary sensation.

Take action to overcome procrastination and wiggle through struggle.

Some of you have been following my watercolor posts at Landscape into Art, My Great Day blog, or you're fans of my recordings and touring days. Thanks for coming over to visit my new adventure.

What's this new adventure about? Life is the First Art is a series of posts about the underlying spiritual principles and experience of all creative endeavor. It's about the process of self-realization and all that goes with that.

To be honest, this is not a new adventure for me. It's my life's path. I've just never led with it before in public. I've led with the expressions — the songs, the paintings, the forms. Now, I am leading with the core of my experience — the spirit of the thing.

Why change the game? Why make things more difficult for myself when I've found a comfortable little niche and environment? For good reasons all around! But without delving into lengthy specifics, I would say that there is a part of me that is actually uncomfortable when I get too comfortable. Also, and this is true and spoken about by many, in order to grow, we must step outside of our comfort zone.

I'm a planner and an organizer and my comfort zone includes liking to know what the plan is, where I'm going and the exact goal. Planning and organizing give me a sense of security. Goal setting is important, as is visualization, but the fact is that life unfolds, projects unfold. The true path is visible only so far ahead and, of course, the only moment is now.

Because I found myself struggling with procrastination on composing this first post, I thought I would start where I am — in the midst of that. Starting where we are is the only place any of us can begin.

What's the point? My unabashed intention with Life is the First Art is to help and inspire you with your self-realization as I share mine. So, this is my first post of many. Welcome aboard.

Post script.  After a brief and aborted adventure on another platform, I discovered that Blogger (in the meanwhile) adopted many desirable elements of that other platform.  I'm back to Blogger and happy to be.

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