Fresh Gateway

Fresh Gateway
Watercolor, 8 x 8"

Here is a place keeper for gazing while I'm traveling.

This is the latest in one of my favorite series that emerged with Float, a painting I did not post here but which can be seen (barely) framed for a show last year. That was followed by The Crying Clouds and continued with what I think I'll call Huge Cumulus.

Now that I've gone back through to categorize these, I see that there are not nearly as many as I thought. My urge was to keep doing these sorts of things over and over but did not want to continue to repeat myself. That I had done more, apparently, was just my imagination (running away with me). Maybe I'll throw myself into these when I get back.

If you'd like to stick around or have posts to visit while I'm away, you're welcome over at My Great Day to see posts on the materials I use. If you like those, you can read posts on Artists, my Influences and all sorts of other things (see My Great Day Sidebar).

In yesterday's post, I came forth about my dilemma on how to continue or better integrate my blogging output. Feel free to comment with suggestions (if you have any) after perusing my posts while I'm away.

Enjoy yourselves!

Ice Floe

Ice Floe
Watercolor, 6 x 6"
$95 (no mat)
to purchase this painting, email me

I love order, especially in presentation. I love coherent series of paintings that demonstrate orderly forethought and creation. That said, I am surrendering to the lack of coherence and order in my presentations on this blog from 12/24/08 through the end of January (I'm predicting here). This passage is a normal (and regular) part of the creative process and there is a lot going on behind the scenes.

Report from the studio....

I played around with some pastels and, as much as I love the medium, it is too, too messy for my personal liking (or requires noxious fixative chemicals that I don't want to use). I am luxuriating in taking time over four water soluble oils of various sizes. I'm sorting through art work never aired publicly, cleaning up generally and throwing out what I can. Also am giving in to hobbling around for a while. And rearranging the inner workings of my blog.

Keep an eye on my Studies and Sketches blog where I'm posting daily.

Also, I'm posting some forgotten articles on the history of Landscape painting at My Great Day.

More soon...