The Poison Ivy Tree

The Poison Ivy Tree
October 2007
Watercolor on Lana cold press paper, 5 x 7"
on hold for exhibit

This scene is no longer. The mulberry stump along with its mighty poison ivy vines and the hackberry trunk to the left are all gone. In subsequent paintings, you'll see new plantings eventually. If you've been following my sketch blog, you might remember the New Plantings post from a week ago or so. The red-tipped photinia is still struggling as it was moved without its entire root ball. I think it will be fine, though.

Again, I hope you've enjoyed becoming acquainted with my little piece of paradise. More is in store from the present tense but I expect these posts to slow to a trickle for a while.

See today's sketch and listen to a song at My Great Day.

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Dawn said...

I love your lush back yard! your greens are wonderful!

Suzanne said...

I love it, too! Was mowing from dusk till after dark last night. Reading about the color green this morning and how beneficial it is to look at greens (not to mention a tree).

Don Gray said...

Great electric vibrations going on in this painting. Expresses the energy in nature in a way that puts me in mind of the watercolors of Van Gogh, or maybe Cezanne

Suzanne said...

Hi Don! Thanks for coming by. Van Gogh? Cezanne? They'll do! I'll push on...